Friday, January 3, 2014

The Art and Science of Sprinting

The problem today is most racers have a hard time knowing exactly which gear to wind up in their sprint. Most juniors and masters athletes wind up in the wrong gear. Learning how to wind up is crucial to winning a race. 

Speed training is used to develop quickness and explosive power. 

  • Located a flat section with a 1 mile course. 
  • Map out 300 meters ( Adults 53 x 17 with 40 pedal revolutions, Juniors 46,45 x 16,15) 
  • Begin your sprint from a standing start 
  • Do about 5 to 7 sprints. (Or when you see a 12 to 15% drop in power
  • After you complete the sprint shift to your small ring and spin the legs (cadence 100rpms)
  • Focus on your technique. Go throw the motions nice and slow. Speed will come once you have acquired the skill
  • Make sure to warm up for 30 minutes and cool down afterwards 

Rules on when to stop intervals. 

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